About KIPFLEX PTFE Diaphragms

SEO | 10th Sep, 2018

PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (PTFE) is a form of thermoplastic resin that is resistant to practically everything. It is one of the best materials for diaphragm because of its chemical stability and resistance.

PTFE Diaphragms is widely used in various industries and have gained huge accreditation in the industry for their host of exclusive features like longer lasting diaphragms, which needs less replacement time, which means maintenance and operating cost reduction.

PTFE Diaphragm Application:
Food processing industry
Electronics industry
Sanitary application
Water and waste processing application
Chemical and refinery
Pharmaceutical industry
Chemical production

The Major Properties of PTFE Diaphragm are:
• It is extremely chemically resistant to most of the substances. Hence, it is often used with heptanes and methyl chloride.
• It is completely resistant towards steam.
• It is not a complete elastomer and has a clod flow issues that can result in leaking sometimes.

Kurwa is one such company that manufactures KIPFLEX make PTFE Diaphragms in various sizes and shapes as per the specific demands of esteemed customers. By owing immense skill of experienced team of employees, Kurwa manages to manufacture and supply a wide range of PTFE Diaphragm that are planned particularly to enhance better execution in applications.