Kurwa’s KIPFLEX™ Customised Rubber Products

SEO | 2nd Aug, 2018

Rubber has grown in popularity as a cost-effective and flexible material. It remains a widely used material across diverse industrial domains, including auto and pharmaceutical industry. Many rubber products play a key role in a host of other industries.The rubber industry itself has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years as the rise of silicon rubber products manufacturers and Viton rubber products manufacturers testifies.

Realizing the value that customized rubber products bring to customers, Kurwa Rubber has put in place state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities backed by a vastly experienced and highly skilled workforce. The company employs innovative technology to ensure precise manufacturing processes and have strict adherence to client specifications. The company continuously seeks to improve production processes and systems. For this purpose, the company provides training to the team so that they can serve the customers better.

Kurwa manufactures Rubber Bellows, Rubber Gaskets and Seals, Rubber O-Rings & Cords, Metal Bonded Items, Metal Inserted Items, Inflatable Seals, Expansion Joints, Bushes, Flanges, Oil-Seals, Container Rings, Muffs NRV Flaps, Channels & Linings, Stators For Pumps, Vibration Pads, Butterfly Valve Seat etc.

Owing to the support of experts in this domain, the company manufactures and also supplies a wide range of these customized rubber products. All the products are fabricated using supreme quality material, which are highly appreciated and known for its high durability and excellent performance.
Kurwa’s KIPFLEX™ product range including industrial and pharmaceutical rubber products is reliable, durable and affordable. It can meet each client’s need and budget. What sets Kurwa apart from most other rubber product manufacturers is the unmatched ability to make customized rubber products.

For more information on Kurwa products like Rubber Bellows, Rubber Gaskets, and Seals, Rubber O-Rings & Cords etc; visit http://www.kurwarubber.com/