Quality Rubber Products from Kurwa

Kurwa Rubber & Valves | 23rd May, 2018

Rubber, in one form or another, has been used since the olden times and the evidence of its use goes back around thousand years or more. During the olden days, the substance was derived naturally from the rubber tree. Unfortunately, since the natural form of rubber is sticky, crumbly, and smelly; its use was limited throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. But as time passed by more and more benefits of rubber was discovered.

Today, rubber is widely used across various industrial segments largely due to its strength, durability, water resistance, and heat resistance properties. Every year around million tons of natural rubber is produced to make different kinds of products that we use on a daily basis worldwide. Numerous manufacturers have started selling rubber products to serve different industries around the globe.

Kurwa is one such company that designs and develops a range of Synthetic rubber products for different purposes. The company manufactures rubber diaphragms, rubber bladders, rubber cords, rubber gaskets, rubber sheets, rubber coated fabrics, rubber lined valves and various other customized rubber components.

Kurwa has successfully fulfilled requirements of many industries throughout India especially the Chemical, Fertilizers, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Units and the OEM’s.

At Kurwa the ISO-2015 quality system ensures that products are made accurately at the first time, with perfect dimensions to meet customer’s need and satisfaction. Hence all its products appreciated across a number of industry segments.

So if you are looking for products like rubber diaphragms, rubber bladders, rubber cords, rubber gaskets, rubber sheets etc, make sure you contact Kurwa Rubber for all your needs. Kurwa’s large-scale production capabilities and short development periods will surely offer you consistent quality and speedy deliveries.

For more information on Kurwa rubber please visit http://www.kurwarubber.com.