Rain Harvesting Rubber Bladders Tanks

SEO | 30th Oct, 2018

Water is an ever greater appreciated and essential asset for life, therefore it is essential to store and make use of rainwater. Rubber bladders for surge tank/ rubber pillow tanks are the best option for water storage and to optimize your stored water quality. It can utilize wasted space under your house or deck, and since it won’t take up valuable space even in your garden, you won’t have to worry about how it looks.
Rubber Bladder for surge tanks & accumulators, rubber pillow tanks is suitable for all climates, including the harshest emergency aid conditions. They are also suited for high industrial economic water storage and for heavy duty multi-site storage applications or water transportation. It helps you store more water than a traditional water tank.
Kurwa is one such company that manufactures rubber bladder for surge tanks & accumulators, rubber pillow tanks etc. Kurwa is in the field of rubber products for many years and is proudly serving Indian industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, cement, pharmaceuticals and storage installations etc. Established in 1972, Kurwa rubber is one high-spirited manufacturer of specialized rubber components for critical industrial applications & rubber inflatables.
This company is based in Mumbai (India), the economic capital of India. This strategic location makes it very easy for the company to deliver rubber products across different regions. The sound infrastructure, quality assurance, and production management symbolize that the specialized rubber products manufactured by Kurwa are functionally superior. Kurwa’s team of qualified professionals is leaves no stone unturned to satisfy the clients. Moreover, the number of years of experience and knowledge has helped Kurwa to serve the clients in a better way. Under the proper guidance of experts, the company has reached great heights. Additionally, the single-minded vision and sharp business insight has helped Kurwa create a niche in the industry.
For more information visit: http://www.kurwarubber.in