Rubber Bladders for Surge Tanks

Kurwa Rubber & Valves | 9th May, 2018

The rubber bladder for surge tank serves as an important component of combined surge protection systems protecting against both positive and negative pressure surges. The tank’s internal flexible bladder separates the fluid from air that is pre-compressed between the metal tank housing and the bladder. This design prolongs the system’s life span and reduces the need for maintenance, instrumentation & monitoring

The bladder shape is similar to the tank’s shape so it can expand to the full capacity of the tank. The bladder’s internal and external pressures are always equal; enabling inbound and outbound flows of water as needed.

Rubber bladder surge tank /Hydro-pneumatic tanks are designed for water storage. These tanks are used for commercial and industrial as well and water systems, booster systems, irrigation, surge protection or other water applications.

The density of water is greater than the density of air. and air is compressible, while water is not. The hydro-pneumatic tank takes advantage of the vastly different densities of water and air, using compressed air to cushion water stored in the surge tank. Air pressure in the tank will vary as the volume of water rises and falls, based on system demand. System surges will accelerate and amplify this action, based on the origin, direction, and velocity of the system surge.

Kurwa Rubber is one such company that manufactures rubber bladders for surge tanks. Kurwa designs, draws, manufactures and supplies KIPFLEX cylindrical (vertical and horizontal orientation) rubber bladders in compressible and expandable variants, in various grades of rubber for Utility & Potable Water, to suit clients’ specific service conditions based on their media, temperatures, and pressures, in size range of 100 to 100,000 ltrs.

Kurwa is one of the largest rubber bladders manufacturers. This company is in the field of rubber products for more than 45 years, proudly serving Indian industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals, oil & gas, cement, pharmaceuticals and storage installations etc. Established in 1972, Kurwa Rubber and Valves, are one of a high-spirited manufacturer of specialized rubber components for critical industrial applications and Rubber inflatables. It is based in Mumbai (India), the economic capital of India. This strategic location makes it very easy for Kurwa to deliver rubber products at any part of the globe. Sound infrastructure, quality assurance, and production management symbolize that the specialized rubber products manufactured by Kurwa are functionally superior.

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