Rubber Components in Mines and Mineral Industry

SEO | 16th Jun, 2018

The mines and minerals industry makes use of wide range rubber products to meet many different needs. The most commonly used rubber product in this industry is the rubber diaphragms for their slurry services and Stopper Bladders.

When we speak about mines and mineral industry, we mean the process of extracting minerals from the earth as well as from an ore body, vein, or coal seam. Hence, the mines and minerals industry needs high-quality, precision-engineered parts and components that can be relied upon to operate in the most demanding physical environments. Such products must be able to withstand extended exposure to brutal conditions: extreme temperatures, intense humidity and desiccation, high pressures, corrosive chemicals, abrasion and mechanical strain.

Kurwa rubber is one such rubber diaphragms & bladder manufacturer that has decades of experience in fulfilling the high-quality and precision needs of the mines and minerals industry. All Kurwa rubber products are manufactured by a team of knowledgeable professionals. With a good quality management system, the company ensures to address customer’s key issues – longevity, capacity, and efficiency of operations.

Kurwa manufactures a wide range of products such as Rubber Bladders, Rubber Membrane, Rubber Rolling Diaphragms, and Rubber Diaphragms for Actuators, Rubber Seals, Rubber Expansion Joints, Silicone Rubber Items, Rubber Rings, Rubber Cords, and Rubber Coated Fabrics etc. All these rubber products are designed to withstand corrosion, impact, and abrasion.

The company can also design and develop any rubber components as per the client’s specifications. In addition, with great service, this manufacturing company manages to create a satisfied customer base across various industrial segments in India.
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