Rubber Diaphragm for Pharmaceutical Industry

SEO | 20th Jun, 2018

The Pharmaceutical Industry is one popular segment that uses rubber diaphragms for various purposes.

Sterilisiability, Hygiene, processability, biocompatibility, bio-durability as well as mechanical properties, such as flexibility and resilience, are properties that make rubbers appropriate candidates for medical applications.

Rubber & PTFE diaphragms are used in a variety of medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications, particularly in low-pressure valves. Most of the pharma companies use Silicone Rubber Diaphragms

The operating conditions and the range of applications within the pharmaceutical market presents a challenging role for any sealing materials and seal products supplier to deliver an effective and comprehensive portfolio. Working within this environment requires attention to detail. The production and packaging processing not only have to follow stringent regulations and quality control methods but also needs to be aware of the complexity of the operations within which the seal is required to perform.

Kurwa Rubber is one such rubber diaphragm manufacturer that offers a range of rubber products for Pharmaceutical Industry. Using superior quality rubber and cutting-edge techniques, these diaphragms are manufactured by skilled professionals.

The uniqueness of KIPFLEX Rubber Diaphragms is its performance in extreme conditions such as high pressure, high temperatures, and corrosive fluids. The team of experts design the diaphragms, taking into consideration all the extreme service conditions of the actual user and then specify the correct polymer, reinforcement and durometer hardness to achieve the highest result in performance, which in turn reduces the maintenance cost and shutdown timings. This makes it obvious that Kurwa Diaphragms are preferred by many OEM’s and U/L Listed companies.