Rubber Pillow Tanks

SEO | 16th Jul, 2018

Rubber pillow tanks are a unique option for storing and collecting water or any other form of liquid. It is one of the easiest and most economical ways to store water on the spot.

Constructed with flexible material with a low overall storage height, these rubber pillow tanks can fit in the hardest and non-reachable spaces like basements, crawl spaces or under decks and patios, rough terrains, mountainous regions etc. When emptied they can be easily folded and shipped from one location to the next.

Rubber pillow tanks are used in various applications. Their versatility and easy installation have made them perfect for industrial, commercial and residential areas.

Applications Used:

Industrial Water Storage
Large Military Applications
Facility Water Supply
Commercial Businesses
Agricultural Facilities
Aqua Farming

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Some of the popular products manufactured by Kurwa are Rubber Membranes, Rubber Bladders, Rubber Stopper Airbag, Rubber Coated Fabrics, Rubber Pillow Tanks, Rubberised Onion Tanks, Rubber Dams, Rubber Bladders for HVAC Tanks-Thermal expansion Tanks-Hydropneumatic Tanks-Hammer Tanks etc.

The special features of Kurwa Rubber products are that they are portable, durable, extra strong, compact, easy to carry and transport, easy handling, washable etc. The company conducts the production processes of all the products in adherence to the high-quality standards to make sure they stand flawless in all aspects.

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