Rubber Sheet Uses

SEO | 3rd Oct, 2018

Rubber renders good amount of resistance to substances like oil and petroleum, ultra violet lights, oxidizing elements etc. Also rubber has the capacity to maintain its form in cold temperature so it has wide usage.

Rubber sheets are very useful. For example rubber sheets are used for industrial buildings, OEM parts, agricultural machines etc. They also have commercial and residential usage say for e.g. it is used under shower pans, drainage systems, garage applications, weather stripping, and dryer pans and in many construction and remodelling uses. Rubber sheets are used for various other purposes like automotive, defence, marine etc. Also they are also used for making orthopaedic footwear and sand blasting curtains. Even these sheets can be laid outside washrooms to prevent tripping or can be laid under shower heads.

Rubber sheets usage is going to rise and the demand of this product will soar in coming times. Above all the rubber sheets are cost effective as compared to their substitutes available in the market. The efficiency of rubber to combine itself easily with other products and its cost effectiveness makes it the most favoured product in the industrial sectors.
There is spectrum of rubber sheets in the market and finding the most appropriate rubber sheet is often a tough task. However, Kurwa is one such company that assures you high quality rubber sheets.

Looking at the Industrial revolutions & growth in 1970’s, Kurwa started manufacturing and trading of specialised rubber components required for critical services (High Temp/ pressures/ corrosions etc.) and successfully fulfilled the needs of many Industries throughout India, especially the Chemical, Fertilizers, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Units and the OEM’s.

The company also successfully designs & develops products as per customer requirements with consideration on critical service conditions such as temperature, pressure, strength etc. TRUST THROUGH QUALITY has been Kurwa’s motto. And the quality and delivery ratings with most of Kurwa’s ISO/UL/WRAS certified customers has been Grade-A on a consistent basis.
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