Viton Rubber O-Rings

SEO | 21st Sep, 2018

Viton is a brand of FKM, a synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer . The name is a registered trademark of The Dupont. Viton are elastomers that are commonly used for O-rings. These kind of polymers are compounded for low compression set. This means that they will recover well after a fixed time under specified squeeze at a given temperature. These elastomers are also highly flexible and can be stretched to a great extent, without breaking. Such elastomers are commonly used as gasket material, but are also employed for making rubber valves, rubber pumps, and related components.
Viton properties are very unique:
Temperature – Viton temperature resistance ranges from -20°C to 210°C,
Chemical resistance: Viton is resistant to mineral and vegetable oils, gasoline, most alkalis and aromatic hydrocarbons.
Cost: As an approximate guide, Viton compound is more expensive
Kurwa is one such company that manufactures Viton Rubber O-Rings. The company manufactures Rubber O-Rings in all Grades of Synthetic Rubber as per various International standards and as per specific requirements. The sizes range from 5mm Inner Diameter to 2000mm Inner diameter and cross sections from 1.78mm to 25mm. The company nearly has 2000 different size range.
The company specialises in Silicone Rubber, Viton Rubber & PTFE O-Rings suitable for critical service conditions. All Kurwa O Rings are manufactured in Vacuum Pressed Dies of CNC cuts and checked on a shadowgraph machine for uniform cross sections. Kurwa also manufactures and supply Silicone & Viton Rubber Cords from 2.62mm to 50mm Diameter. These are available in extruded as well as moulded forms to suit various critical applications.
All our Rubber O-Rings and Rubber Cords are matched with international tolerances.
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